Aust Light Tower

Remote, Worksite & Emergency Site Wide Area Lighting


The Aust Light Tower is a unique, easy to deploy solution which can light a wide area (up to 10,000 square metres) for almost any situation. The durable sailcloth fan-inflated ‘tube’ and base is man-portable and fits into the boot of a car. It can be operating within minutes from a portable generator or mains power supply.

It is robust and suitable for all work sites and emergency sites, including road works. Best of all, it costs a lot less than conventional wide area lighting alternatives.



Aust-Light-Tower-Low  Aust-Light-Tower-High Aust-Light-Tower-Trolley

Aust Light Tower Light Solution

A revolutionary Solution for Large Area Illumination

The Aust Light Tower is a unique product designed to provide rapid, reliable and cost effective lighting for emergency services, law enforcement, night events and many other uses.


  • The Aust Light Tower utilises an inflatable transparent cylinder, up to 5.0 metres high, which when the main lamp is powered up, becomes a massive light source.
  • Easily transported in a car boot, the Aust Light Tower can be deployed in less than one minute by one person.
  • Powered by its own generator, or by mains supply, the Aust Light Tower can illuminate the area of a football field.
  • The Aust Light Tower has been proven in winds of up to 20 metres per second.
  • Complies with AS/NZS CISPR 15:2006



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